Monday, February 21, 2011


Mat and I found out on February 3rd that we soon will be blessed with a new baby GIRL!! We are very excited :) We have now jumped on the pink team and can't wait to meet our pride and joy little Taytum Leigh Bannister. I hope she comes out before the 4th of July because we already got her a little outfit for the big day. She has 10 fingers, 10 toes, two kidneys, four heart chambers and her bladder was full when we saw her. She has begun to move more and more and I'm starting to grow more and more. It's funny when you don't feel so big and then a stranger notices that you're pregnant. We have 4 months to go and can't wait to start decorating her room.
Looks like we'll be moving soon too. We've decided our condo is too small and the concrete stairs are out of the question. We have been looking around Vancouver for a new little home. We have found a few, but we still need to go in and see them.
Also, I was offered a new position at my work. I am now the Memory Care director! I am in charge of scheduling and disciplining caregivers. I work with a budget and keep track of hours. I never thought my nursing degree would put me in the business field. So far it's going pretty well and it lets me sit down more than the nurse position did. I am still working as a nurse, but not as much as before.
Lots of changes are happening right now and we will do our best to keep you posted!
The top picture is 21 weeks and the one with my friend is at 18 weeks when I hosted her baby shower :)

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  1. So CUTE! I'm very excited for little Miss Bannister to make her arrival! I might even be able to see her sometime in August... I'll let you know. :) Miss you!